Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rumor Has It Grand Opening

If you haven't heard the rumor . . . there's a great new boutique in Gulf Gate. It's called Rumor Has It & inside you'll find all kinds of great local designers.
The clothes featured in these photos are from just 2 of the many designers at Rumor Has It; Punk Rock Betty & C.A.B. Fayre.
These Pics are from the Grand Opening Fashion Show & were taken by Brian David Braun of Aperture Photography.
Thanks to our fun & fabulous models, Tiff, Sedona & Dev.

Keep your EYES open!!!

So here it is . . . my official logo!!
Many thanks to my friend, super-talented photographer & photo-shop-master, Billy Elkins of Encompass Creative for designing this for me. Billy actually took a photo of MY eye & designed this for me from that picture. He's pretty much the best.

So keep your eyes open!!! And anywhere you see THIS eye, know there's gonna be makeup! And check back here for the pics.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vampire Fashion Show

A few photos from a fun Halloween event I did with Dollface, Inc. Almost makes me want to be a vampire . . .

Thanks to Brian David Braun for the great pics.

AHB Steampunk Fashion Show

I always love checking out Atomic Holiday Bazaar & this year it was TWO days - double fun!!! Even more exciting was the Nashville Steampunk Fashion Show i was asked to do makeup for. The clothing was designed by Adrien Lucas, AHB's producer, & Joanna Coblentz of Dollface, Inc. Thanks ladies, it was a blast.